The Issues


Washington County Land 

Many citizens today are questioning the role of the federal government and its bureaucracies particularly in western lands of the United States. I have witnessed the closure of roads and trails, the selective yet illogical management of our public forests and the drastic rule changes in grazing and mining claims for more than 30 years.

So what is to be done? First, stop the bleeding. No more caving in to resource plans that have no local input. Complain directly to our Representatives and Senators when field offices have directors in direct antagonistic stance to our local interests. Begin to peal back the layers of burden placed on us by these agencies. It won’t happen overnight, but with a dedicated effort we can begin to take back the rights to use our lands. I will support legislative actions to remove the law enforcement role from federal agents and get them back to the local Sheriff’s office. Finally, move toward the complete turnover of
federal lands outside of existing national parks and monuments back to the state.


Washington County Water

The lifeblood of our Dixie communities has always been water.   We can conserve, work to get more from the Virgin River basin, recycle, and make changes in outdoor water use.  However, Southwest Utah is popular, families are growing and those who love Dixie want to come here or stay here.  I support the Lake Powell Pipeline provided the research shows it is the most economical way to bring water to our area.  I have personally studied the data, reviewed alternatives and listened to the opposition.  But the fact is: We need the water!  That will never change.  Future generations depend on us to make the right decisions now.

As a landscaper for nearly 36 years, I have gained knowledge on how we can conserve water outside the home as well as inside.  I have applied xeriscaping principles for over two decades.   I have introduced plant varieties that take very little water and are still large and green.  I was also supportive of re-use water.  Today the re-use system takes water from the sewage treatment plant to water 7 golf courses, 21 irrigated parks, 13 schools, and much more.  

There is much more we can do to stave off the need for expensive water, but we cannot ignore it altogether or we may find us taking drastic measures.  As a citizen I can encourage, as a commissioner I can implement. 


Washington County Transit

I can bike on a paved trail behind our house to the Tonaquint Tennis Center faster than I can drive there.  The trail system in Washington County is an added means of transportation.  Together with mass transit, the trails are a fun way to get to work or simply recreate.  We all have places to go and in a certain amount of time we have come to expect.  The truth is there will never be enough roads built to satisfy all of our wants.  They are expensive, need to be maintained and getting more crowded.  I support efforts to expand SunTran to neighboring cities throughout the county.  I will foster the cooperation necessary for all parties to make it a reality.  Ridership is way up.  People are beginning to see the merits of walking, biking, ride-sharing and hopping on a bus.  


Washington County taxes and regulation

Like anyone else, I have my concerns about taxes. I realize they are necessary for the success of our country, states and county. But, are they fair, properly assessed and spent? More taxes are required by more spending. If spending is kept in control, more taxes are unlikely. It is my duty to protect the funds of the citizens and make sure they are allocated to  benefit the citizens.
As for regulation, I am against more burdensome and complicated ordinances or laws that restrict freedom and choice. I will dedicate myself to reduce and simplify. This includes reviewing all requirements originating from the county, enforcement demands and costs. I support free enterprise unfettered by government. 


Washington County Safety

Law enforcement is critical to our safety and wellbeing.  I am more than a strong supporter for all public safety requirements -- I am a fighter.  Immediately, we need to make sure wages are fair and comparable to others in the field.  Proper equipment and training, plus incentives, and merit promotions for exemplary service and goal achievement must be part of any successful law enforcement program.  I will put my heart and soul into the requirements to keep our county law enforcement the best in the state.