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Congressman Stewart

I look forward to working with Gil Almquist in the Washington County Commission. Gil has proven leadership, lives the struggle of a small business owner, and his years on the St. George City Council give him keen insight in how to get things done in local government.

Like most of you, I really don’t care for politicians, but I recognize the importance of having representatives with integrity and experience. Quite frankly, someone who sees things the way we do. Throw in some intelligence and a great sense of humor and you’ve got the perfect candidate, and his name is Gil Almquist. I have known Gil for 27 years. He is a small business owner and a true leader. In fact, I got my start in life working for Gil — together with nearly all the Hall boys from Hurricane. We often talked at work about how to make life better through less government.

Gil understands conservative values, wise use of the land, public safety, and he listens to what people have to say. Gil is definitely not a politician. He is one of us, and he gets it right.“
— Jeff Hall

Neil Walter

"I support Gil Almquist for County Commission.  He is committed to Washington County and has decades of experience serving at the Planning Commission and St. George City Council.  He cares about our community and values what brings us together.  He has my unqualified support."

Here’s why I’m voting for Gil Almquist for Washington County Commissioner: I have worked and served and played with Gil since I first moved to St. George almost 18 years ago.

I hired him and his company dozens of times—he has always been extremely honest and hard working. I can truly say that he always exceeded my expectations regarding the work he was hired to do—how often can you say that?!? I have watched Gil serve consistently within our community for all those years—whether on a local board or charitable foundation, the Planning Commission or City Council, or on many county boards and other organizations—he has served with passion and prudence. All of us already enjoy the benefits of countless hours of service that Gil has given to our community. Gil has been a powerfully effective public servant and leader because of his commitment to conservative principles and his concern and compassion for people.

On many occasions, I have watched Gil handle difficult situations, where people of both sides were upset and even angry, and I’ve seen him use his keen sense of humor and his interpersonal skills to calm people down and bring them together in a productive and balanced discussion. Gil can get things done, always protecting important, conservative issues and principles, but he makes sure that everyone feels respected and appreciated, and builds bridges that enhance our sense of community. It is a fantastic gift that I greatly admire in Gil.

Gil has my absolute trust, respect, and appreciation. I think he would do an excellent job representing our county as a commissioner. I encourage your consideration in voting for Gil Almquist.
— Monty Magleby



"While working at Washington County Clerk Auditors Office, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Gil Almquist on the Washington County Flood Control Authority board. Gil's insight and business approach to the budget process was always helpful. He always made sure that we stayed within our budget and used the public's funds wisely. In addition, I have been able to get to know Gil on a personal level through his Church calling. He is a man of integrity. I fully endorse Gil Almquist to be the next County Commissioner."

-Trevor Coombs

“Gil Almquist is a real person with a big heart and a brilliant mind. Tom and I have known and worked closely with him for more than 23 years. We are blessed to have someone of his caliber willing to serve the citizens of Washington County.”
— Patsy Lamb
“I am a proud supporter of Gil Almquist. I appreciate how he values the constitution and our state’s rights.”
— Nancy Reid

L. David and Nedra Muir

In 1987, following eight years as mayor of Murray City, my wife and I made the wise decision of moving to St. George, a city we have come to love, Soon thereafter I was appointed to serve on the St. George Planning Commission. It was here I became acquainted with Gil Almquist, a fellow member of that commission. Although I had not known him prior to that time, I soon learned of his ability to think clearly, to make proper decisions for the benefit of the city, always treating applicants with proper respect.

My wife, Nedra and I support Gil in his race to become a member of the Washington County Commission. His past education and experience qualify him well to help guide the future of this rapidly growing county. We urge our many friends to support him as well.

Gil knows the issues and will be able to hit the ground running the day that he is sworn in. Gil has spent decades volunteering and giving back to this community and I have known him for at least 18 years. I personally know him to be very kind and thoughtful, engaged and involved. I will be voting in the county primary election and I will be voting for Gil.
— Troy Belliston

Craig Morley

"I am supporting Gil Almquist for County Commissioner. I have worked with Gil in a number of capacities in work, social, and church activities. I am confident he has the public interest as his primary motivation for serving Washington County citizens. It's nice to have elected representatives you can talk to when you have concerns, you can talk to Gil."

I fully support Gil Almquist for Washington County Commissioner! I’ve had the privilege of serving with Gil on the St George City Council. I’ve also served with Gil in other capacities. He works tremendously hard. He’s extremely knowledgeable about the tough issues facing our county and will work tirelessly to do what is best for all citizens of Washington County.
— Michele Randall


"Gil is a conservative who will represent southern Utah values. He will strive to protect our way of life and the heritage we enjoy in Washington County. He has my confidence and my vote."

I strongly support Gil Almquist for Washington County Commissioner because of his character, his understanding of our local issues, and his ability to organize people and resources to accomplish the work. Gil is a builder of our community values and future. He builds people up and moves important priorities forward.Gil has demonstrated excellent leadership and achievements in his previous community service. I am excited to see Gil run for county commission so that we can benefit from his experience and vision. For example, Gil sees the critical need Washington County has for water so he supports the Lake Powell Pipeline to bring us water that would otherwise just go down the river. The cost will be much cheaper than buying water at the store. Water is life. We have to have water to live.

Please join me by voting in the primary election for Gil Almquist for Washington County Commissioner. We need Gil.
— Brad Last

William Way

Fully endorsing Gil Almquist for Washington County Commission. Gil served the City of St. George with honor and distinction. He is well informed on the critical issues facing a county. He knows how to work effectively with people. I encourage people to vote for Gil Almquist in the June Primary.

I’m proud to put my support behind Gil Almquist for the position of Washington County Commisioner. Through the years that I’ve been associated with Gil, I’ve seen his commitment to excellence in his civic, business, religious, and personal life. Gil possesses common sense, combined with a fair and balanced approach to problem solving. He has donated his time and talents to come and speak to my government classes at school; providing a valuable insight to his knowledge of issues facing Washington County. Additionally, during my time as a member of the Bloomington Community Council, Gil has been a reliable source of information and support. In short, I feel Gil has the knowledge, experience, temperament, and drive needed to serve the residents of Washington County as one of our Commissioners.
— Chris Cannon

Mayor John Pike

"We are all knocking on the door of the most critical decisions Washington County will have to make in the next few years. I want Gil Almquist to help lead us through these decisions. We share the same philosophy of less government, more freedom, and basic conservative values. I have known Gil for 11 years. We served together for 6 years on the St. George City Council and the last two years while I was Mayor and he was Mayor Pro Tempore. I came to rely on his understanding of planning, ordinances, and general government interaction with the citizens. We also served together on Washington County boards dealing with transportation, flood control, and the Solid Waste District. I always found Gil to make informed critical decisions coupled with a sense of humor.

Gil listens. He wisely listens first, asks questions, does homework and then chooses what will serve residents best. He is my choice to confront federal over-reach, strengthen public safety, protect our water, develop key infrastructure, emphasize all levels of education, and develop our economy. Gil represents the voters from a position of strength and understanding. He is a true statesman and a respected diplomat for Washington County.

On a personal note, I trust him, confide in him, and value the common sense answers he provides me and others.

We need a leader who puts you first. Join me and vote Gil Almquist our next Washington County Commissioner on June 26th."

“Gil Almquist is a wise choice for a seat on the Washington County Commission.  HIs years of experience on the St. George City Council have acquainted him with the important issues faced by all of us in southern Utah.  

As a respected businessman he knows the importance of the trust that is placed in all of our elected leaders and he will provide a seasoned listening ear at this critical time in the history of our area.”
— Dr. Ron and Sharon Snow


"One of the privileges I have had over the years is meeting hundreds of excellent people who care about our area with passion and vision. Gil Almquist is one of those people. His experience, knowledge, fun-loving nature, and sincere care for others, qualify him to be our next Washington County Commissioner. I fully endorse and trust Gil to serve the entire county with fairness and hard work." 

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I am happy to endorse Gil Almquist for Washington County Commission Seat A. Gil is both a hard worker and a great listener. His past service, extensive education and practical problem solving ability will be a great resource for the Commission. Please join with me in voting for Gil Almquist, Washington County Commissioner.
— Commissioner Dean Cox
Victor Iverson.jpg

Victor Iverson


Gil Almquist is hard working self-employed business owner who has spent his whole life making Washington County better as landscape contractor, father, friend and community leader. Please, join me in supporting Gil Almquist for Washington County Commissioner seat A.

“As I have traveled the state and the nation as Miss Utah I have learned many lessons about leadership. Gil Almquist is a great example of servant leadership. That’s why I hope you will join me in voting for him for Washington County Commissioner on June 26th. Gil works harder than nearly any person I know, and it’s always for others. He has a large heart, and a great mind that is creative, understanding, and very firm in integrity.

He is committed to serving our county through listening, learning what is needed, and then acting. He plans to create and implement a strategic plan that will help us grow and use our resources wisely, protect and advance our water rights, while at the same time using his knowledge of the land to maximize conservation. Gil knows how to work with people and for them. He trusts and believes in the voters of Washington County and will work hard to protect your interests.”
— Miss Utah Krissa Beatty